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Environmental sustainability

Our commitment to the environment has focused on three main activities over the years.


A more responsible production cycle through local raw materials and working relationships. We collaborate with local and selected suppliers focusing on sustainability.


The second activity is energy efficiency obtained through a photovoltaic system on the entire surface of the company.


The third activity has referred to the improvement of wastewater by installing a dedicated system.


The most recent installation is a cogeneration system that optimises the production of electricity, producing heat used to warm water at the same time.

Social sustainability

We strongly believe in doing good things to the community and in the importance of concretely helping this in need. We have been supporting for a long time “I BAMBINI DELLE FATE” a social enterprise that since 2005, ensures financial support for projects of social inclusion managed by associations and third sector entities, aimed at children and families with autism and other disabilities. This enterprise is engaged in regular fundraising activities through the creation of groups of supporters all over Italy. Through a widespread network of collaborators, it actively involves entrepreneurs and citizens so that they “adopt in proximity” and support over time their project of inclusion. Logo i bambini delle fate Discover more