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Raw materials, a responsible short supply chain

What makes us proud of our work every day are
the genuine flavours of the past, which we continue
to offer thanks to our largely hand-crafted work.
Every day the freshest and highest quality ingredients,
most of them from our region, enter our facility,
to begin a journey within a controlled chain,
arriving at supermarket counters with all the taste
and freshness of a home- made dish.

Mappa Italiana
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Tomatoes
  • Mozzarella
  • Beef
  • Eggs
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Fresh vegetables


We use only fresh milk produced locally. Every morning by 6am the milk arrives at our workshops and begins its processing cycle to become one of our main semi-finished products: béchamel.


We select local type soft wheat flours, produced by the experience of generations of millers who are attentive first of all to the characteristics of the wheat.


Our tomato pulp is a 100% Italian product, from cooperatives that pick tomatoes at the right degree of ripeness, and carefully select them to process them during the day, maintaining all their freshness and their fragrance.


Like milk, mozzarella is also one of our main ingredients. It is locally made, by a small dairy company that produces on a daily basis. They also supply our fresh ricotta cheese, cherry or julienne mozzarella.


We use fresh beef from companies that butcher only in Italy, and grind our own beef for the sauces in-house. We use the same fresh beef to make roast beef, both topside and silverside.


We visit Norwegian producers at least twice a year, during the fishing period and the drying period. The quality of our baccalà, a historic recipe of Il Ceppo, begins on the island of Røst in Norway and continues in our facility where all the processes take place.


Fresh eggs arrive at the company and we use them to make mayonnaise twice a week.


Extra-virgin olive oil is one of the glories of Italian agriculture, synonymous with taste and excellence. The oil we use in our recipes comes exclusively from Italian companies with controlled traceability chains.


The meat we use for sliced veal in tuna sauce is butchered in Italy, from calves less than 6 months old.


Even the vegetables are only Made in Italy, grown in different Italian regions depending on their specific characteristics. The potatoes come from a farm in the Po Valley, while aubergines, beets, spinach and chicory are grown in Abruzzo.

Some of our suppliers