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Fifty years of gastronomy

1971: The beginning

Our story begins in 1971, when Osvaldo Boscolo decided to open the delicatessen Il Ceppo in the old town centre of Vicenza, an artisan workshop with traditional products presented on large trays: readymade dishes such as Vicenza-style cod, creamed dried cod, duck ragout, but also refined local and foreign cold cuts and cheeses. Soon the shop became a reference point for gastronomy in Vicenza, and still is today.

1991: Large-scale distribution

Two decades later, the desire to bring the same taste and quality to restaurants, grocery stores and large retailers led the Boscolo family to open a gastronomic workshop on the outskirts of the town, without ever forgetting the passion and love for cooking that has made Il Ceppo a great delicatessen. Il Ceppo una grande gastronomia.

Il Ceppo today

Recipes handed down over the years, quality ingredients chosen with care, careful preparations according to nature and tradition. This is the secret of Il Ceppo, which over the years has always had the same ambitious objective: to preserve and guarantee the aromas and flavours of good homemade food.

"Our future is tied to local traditions. But we cannot ignore our passion for research, that allows us to offer the specialities of our cuisine in the world"

Osvaldo Boscolo

  1. Our culinary shop is in the historic centre of Vicenza

  2. Our gastronomic laboratory and the Introduction to the GDO market

  3. Strengthening of the production and packaging areas. The production capacity doubled

  4. Enhancement of production, automation, warehouse and take away department for packaging.

  5. Goods receipt warehouse and the Internal Analysis Laboratory have been implemented. ISO 22000 product certificatio

  6. Our «Bistrot del bacalà» is under the historic culinary shop.

  7. Fourth expansion of the facilities and reorganization of production flows aimed to the BRC Food and IFS Food standards.

  8. Export 
Sustainable Development and a new brand