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Summer salads

Our summer salads are versatile, ready-to-eat, and ideal for a take-out meal.

Discover our range:
📍Spelt and barley salad
📍Rice with vegetables and shrimp
📍Rice salad

Our summer salads are perfect everywhere. They are the perfect to-go meal for the whole family because they are fresh, light, and convenient. They are also great at the office as they provide homemade quality food during a short lunch break.
Most importantly, they satisfy the demands of a balanced diet because they include grains, crunchy seasonal vegetables, and protein.

The 4 steps to product quality:

For further information, please reach out to:
📩  export@gastronomiailceppo.com. 

Grandma’s Veal in tuna sauce

Slow-cooked, low-temperature veal in tuna sauce from grandma’s recipe book

Although believed to be hailing from Turin, this famous Italian dish originates in Milan. The recipe for veal in tuna sauce was first written in a Milanese cooking book dating back to 1829. In this book, Felice Luraschi talked about “veal used as tuna” as a rump of veal that is salted for a couple of days, then cooked with the addition of a little stock and left to rest in oil for at least four days.

Anchovy sauce was then added in 1853, and within a few years it was substituted with tuna, which was easier to preserve. The mayonnaise-based tuna sauce that we know today was added to the “Silver Spoon” book in 1950.

Our four steps to product quality:

For further information, please reach out to:
📩  export@gastronomiailceppo.com. 

Tutto Food, Milan

We look forward to meeting you in Milan at Tuttofood.
You will find us at the Italian Food Excellence stand with other great excellences in the food sector. 

English style roast beef

There are no secrets in the production of our English-style roast beef. Our recipe includes beef meat from farms that slaughter only in Italy, salt and a mix of aromatic herbs. 

 We bake it traditionally in the oven at a low temperature to ensure the fragrance and the classic “medium” cooking. It is vacuum packed in a modified atmosphere in a 3 kg pack that is ideal to be served in assisted gastronomy counter.

Happy Easter

A sunny day, a table set to party with many good things and excellent wine, the closest friends and family, and a serene and light climate.  It is how we imagine the perfect Easter.

Happy Easter wishes from our team

Cereals salads without acidifiers

The world of cereals is “a choice” that is increasing consumer preferences thanks to their digestibility and versatility of combinations.
Our salads are produced with fresh ingredients traditionally cooked without acidifiers and packaged in a modified atmosphere. 
The result is salads tasting like “real homemade food”

These are : 
– Valenciana rice
– spelt and barley salad
– rice salad
– rice salad with tuna
– black and white rice with shrimp and vegetables

Each reference is produced in kg packs for assisted gastronomy counter and 350 gr. packs for take away and self-service counter.

Private label

Our know-how and expertise are for brands desiring to create their PRIVATE LABEL.

Selected raw materials, techniques, technology and passion are the ingredients we put at your disposal to create, together with your brand, the perfect product. 
Many clients have already chosen our experience. Here is a simple example of our duck ragu with “Ceppo” label, perfectly customizable with your brand. Enjoy the vision. 
Contact our sales office at: export@gastronomiailceppo.com  to get information on prices and availability or customized offers.

Productive and environmental sustainability.


For us, sustainability, is not a “recent” issue but a commitment  we have been supporting for years in many corporate ares: production, environmental and social.

On the production side we work with a responsible procurement made of local raw materials and neighboring suppliers.

On the environmental side, we have photovoltaic and cogeneration plants to create clean and exploited energy, while using purifiers to manage the wastewater  allow us to return the water to the surface, without wasting it. 

Our iconic and seasonal product: the crespella.

Among the proposals for our production of the most iconic dishes of the Italian gastronomic tradition is our crespella.

A genuine dish produced following the traditional recipe: a few ingredients (flour, milk and butter), bèchamel produced internally and cooking method as you were at home.  

What about fillings? Through seasonal ingredients in five different flavours:

– zucchini and Morlacco cheese,

– asparagus,

– salmon,

– radicchio from Treviso

– mushrooms

The product is available in a 1 kg pack, ideal for the deli-counter or ho.re.ca market.

 Contact our sales office at: export@gastronomiailceppo.com to get information on prices and availability or customized offers.

18th – 19th january, Marca at Bologna Fiere

We look forward for seeing you in Bologna, in the occasion of Marca, the second largest fair in Europe for Private Label Trade.

Visit our stand to discover all the latest news or write an email to export@gastronomiailceppo.com to reserve an appointment with our staff to discuss about specific issues.